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Servicing for Seller

Fulfillment by Watchmark in Asia

  • Grow your business faster!
    Benefit from watchmark's warehouse provide your customers with trusted service and faster shipping
  • Boost your sales!
    Higher customer satisfaction and conversion rates due to faster delivery of items
  • Cost effective & simple to use!
    Pay minimal fees for your orders, and we'll do all the work for you


Repair Center

For any watches we distribute for your brand in Asia, we can be the repair center. 

  • Disassembling the movement
  •  Cleaning all components
  • Refurbishing or replacing mechanical parts
  • Reassembling the movement
  • Lubricating
  • Setting and regulating
  • Checking power reserve and functions
  • Waterproofing


Product photography

Providing professional commercial product photography services, including watches, packaging, straps, etc. 


Brand trademark registration

In order to enter China market, brand trademark is a must to protect your brand. In China, we are having a policy of "First register First get the right to use". First registration is taking 3months for getting permission before you can have real selling action in China. The official permit of brand registration will be done in a year if there is no objection or against action from others. 


Please contact us for details & price on these service!